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We are a musical instrument maker from China, specializing in ocarinas since 13 years ago, and during this long journey, we have gradually expanded our product range to include a variety of niche instruments such as tongue drums, handpans, kalimba and so on.

Even though they are not popular in the music world, they are equally capable of delivering distinctive musical styles and emotional expressions. We hope that by preserving and innovating these traditional instruments, we can provide people with a broader path to explore the world of music.

Thank you for choosing us, and let’s create a better musical journey together!

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  • Pan Flutes

    Discover the Harmonious Delight of Panpipes - Wholesale Enchantment for Musical Souls.

  • Ocarina

    Unleash the Melodies of Magic - Wholesale Ocarinas for Musical Enchantment.

  • Irish Whistle

    Perfect for producing a delightful and authentic traditional sound. Crafted with precision and care, these whistles helps to evoke the spirit of Irish music.

  • Kalimba

    Produce enchanting melodies, meticulously constructed to deliver beautiful tones and provide an exceptional playing experience.

  • Tongue Drum

    Unique sound that will transport you to another realm. Produce soothing tones that are ideal for meditation, music therapy, or just for a calming background melody.

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We are here to orchestrate your musical dreams with unparalleled craftsmanship, delivering harmonious symphonies of trust and reliability as a premier musical instrument manufacturer.

  • Over 200 unique musical instruments, offering a vast selection for dealers and coaches to choose from.

  • Certified by SE and FDA, our instruments undergo rigorous testing and precise tuning by experienced professionals for exceptional quality and harmonious tones.