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  • Adopting high quality carbon alloy, sound resonance is more full, tone is more ethereal.

  • Use electroplating painting technology, not easy to corrode, good durability.

  • Various sizes, the smallest is only 3 inches, the largest can be up to 14 inches, to meet the needs of various scenes.

  • After many tuning tests to ensure the professionalism of the pitch.

  • Complete accessories, including drumsticks, drawstring pockets, sound stickers, tutorials, drumstick holders, finger cots, etc.

3-inch 6-Tone

Compact, easily portable,six distinct tones

6-inch 8-Tone

Available in 5 pattern designs, 8 colors optional

8-Inch 11-Tone

Sizes, patterns and colors customizable, 11 distinct tones

12-Inch 13-Tone

4 patterns, 11 distinct tones, 12 vibrant colors

13-Inch 15-Tone

3 patterns, 11 distinct tones, 12 vibrant colors

14-Inch 15-Tone

C/D Major, 15 distinct tones, 6 vibrant colors