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Some Kind Words From Our Customers


I recently made a purchase of their pan flute, the sound produced is exquisite, with each note resonating perfectly. The customer service was exceptional as well, they respond promptly and give me helpful guidance throughout the purchase process.


John Anderson



The Irish Whistle i bought here has quickly become my favorite instrument. The tone is rich and vibrant, and the instrument itself is beautifully crafted. Thank you for creating such a remarkable musical experience!

Chris J.


“A Supplier That Delivers”

As a music retailer, I rely on top-quality instruments for my business. Geen has been my go-to supplier for 2 years. The prices are good, the craftsmanship and sound quality are outstanding, My customers are always satisfied with their purchases, which has helped boost my business. I highly recommend geen music for any music-related business looking for exceptional and cost-effective instruments.

Mike S.


“Hidden Gems”

Finding truly unique instruments can be a challenge, but geen music has a treasure trove of musical marvels. The combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovative designs results in instruments that push the boundaries of sound exploration. It’s been a pleasure incorporating these unconventional treasures into my compositions.

Sophia R.



As a professional music coach, I rely on quality instruments to deliver the best experience to my students. The drums I obtained have proven to be exceptional. Good price yet well crafted,tones are accurate. I definitely would come back and try their other instruments, highly recommend.

Emily D.

“I am thoroughly impressed with my purchase. The craftsmanship is simply outstanding, with attention to detail evident in every aspect of the instruments. From the precision of the tuning to the flawless construction, it’s clear that these instruments are of the highest quality.”—Shona J

“When I play these Pan Flutes, the notes resonate with clarity and purity, creating a immersive musical experience. The range of tones and the ease of playing make these Pan Flutes a joy to use in various musical settings.”— Lisa M.

“The Irish Whistle I purchased has quickly became my favorite instrument. The whistle itself is beautifully designed and flawlessly crafted, producing rich, soulful tone and vibrant, expressive, and resonant sound, capturing the essence of traditional Irish music.”—Sarah T.

“I’m thoroughly impressed with my ocarina, each note is clear, pure, and carries a warm, melodic tone. The range it offers allows for versatility in playing various musical styles.”—Willian S.

“I recently made a purchase of a box of Kalimba here, and I must say, it has truly exceeded my expectations.The woodwork is flawless, and the metal keys are perfectly tuned. Not only is it visually stunning, but the sound it produces is mesmerizing. The notes are clear, resonant, and have a beautiful sustain. Playing this Kalimba brings me a sense of tranquility and joy.”—Rebecca G.